The most important benefit I’ve received from using the services of Amundson & Amundson is MORE TIME! As your staff can answer the basic questions some callers have I do not need to phone everyone back. It is helpful that clients can phone over the weekend when we are closed to ask about open hours. Rather than turning up and we are not open. This makes for happier clients. I like that potential clients get to talk to a ‘real person’ not an answering machine. Details like open hours and cell numbers can be passed onto callers by your staff. This is more professional than an answer phone. I highly recommend the Amundson & Amundson to other business people because the staff are professional. If you are in a meeting with clients you can rest assured that other clients who are phoning are being looked after rather than being ignored. If you don’t find the services of Amundson & Amundson suiting your business needs you can cancel at anytime. Though I doubt you would need to!”

Michelle, Auckland