Social Media Moderation

Amundson & Amundson offer a complete social media moderation service for your business, monitoring online conversations, responding to comments, replying to FAQs and escalating tickets to your team as required.

Social Media ModerationKeeping in constant contact with your clients is the most important aspect of customer service – listening to their complaints, responding to their enquiries, offering support for technical issues – keeping in touch can be a full time job in itself! Amundson & Amundson offer a complete Social Media Moderation service, designed to reduce your time investment, while maintaining a comprehensive online presence.

  • Real time chat
  • 24/7 instant response to enquiries
  • Monitoring of online conversations
  • Track key social media metrics
  • Reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule
  • Monitor channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest

Your business identity is as important online as it is in the flesh: don’t make the mistake of ignoring your online presence, and losing untold potential customers! Amundson & Amundson can manage; monitor, track and report across a range of social media platforms to ensure your customers are receiving the care they deserve.