The A&A Experience

Discover the A&A experience for yourself when you engage with our friendly, professional team at Amundson & Amundson. Highly trained, experienced, and dedicated to providing your customers with the best possible care.

The A&A ExperienceWith a long history of working alongside businesses both within New Zealand and globally, Amundson & Amundson are experienced in all facets of business answering services. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to a very large-scale operation: our team are all hand-picked for their dedication, their friendliness, and their absolute commitment to quality customer care. We take our role within your business very seriously – and that is something that we believe sets us apart.

Our business exists to support your business

The A&A experience is all about that merging of identities, that seamless transference between your company and ours. We become the voice of your company over the telephone, via email, and through online interactions; this is the frontline of your business, the first place your customers receive an impression – and we all know how important those first impressions are. Providing outstanding customer service is often the thin edge of difference that will tip a customer in your favour; the path to customer loyalty, increased spend, and ultimately greater revenues for your business.

In this day and age, it is easier than ever for customers to pass on feedback to other consumers – social media is the ultimate tool for rating customer service, be it good or bad. Businesses cannot afford to lose customers with bad service, as they may quickly find that it is not just one customer they have lost, but also every single contact that customer has, and possibly even farther afield. At Amundson & Amundson we manage this risk for you, by ensuring your customers are greeted, listened to, understood, appreciated and passed on to the appropriate service or team member within your company. We are able to manage both positive and negative contact with professionalism and grace; while at all times maintaining your company protocols.

For our team at Amundson & Amundson, it is not simply a case of learning a script, or repeating a message; it is an immersive journey into understanding your company values, your protocols, and your vision. With these in mind, our team is equipped to care for your customers in the manner you would yourself – and that is the A&A experience.