Booking and Schedule Management

Sales or service, Amundson & Amundson will learn your products and systems to ensure our engagement with your customers is seamless and professional. We are able to work with your databases and systems to provide personalised booking and scheduling management for your company.

Booking and Schedule ManagementAmundson & Amundson offer more than simple contact management – we are also able to assist with a variety of management solutions; including booking and schedule management. Our trained team can either use your existing system or we can work with you to create an easily accessible and fully customisable web-based scheduling and booking service for your company which we are then able to remotely manage and update on your behalf.

Our team will train in your services and products to ensure their knowledge is current and comprehensive. We are also able to provide full schedule management services, meaning you can focus on providing the best hands-on care to your customers.

Our booking and scheduling management services feature:

  • Full training for our staff in your particular services/products
  • Seamless engagement with your booking and scheduling service
  • Assistance with the creation of a web-based booking and scheduling service
  • Full adherence to your company protocol and best practice techniques
  • 24/7 management of bookings and scheduling

Gain the benefit of a full sales team and allow us to manage your bookings and scheduling at the same time! Amundson & Amundson offers professional service, fully-trained staff and personalised customer care on a global scale, every hour of every day.