Liz, Auckland

A & A are a very friendly and approachable team of people. When small business owners ask me to tell them about a service which has helped our business improve productivity 10 fold, I always say that contracting A & A to provide Front Line Business Professionalism for our business, was one of the best and most cost effective decisions that I have ever made. The benefits were instant. All calls are answered immediately, consistently and so professionally. Our staff can now plan not only their own work but also when they phone people back. Our team consciously choose to attend to calls according to Steven Covey’s 4 quadrants – Important and Urgent, Important and Not Urgent, etc. I have received so much good feedback about A & A’s service, including one of our long term packaging suppliers who visited our offices month after month trying to work out where the great receptionist sat! I highly recommend Amundson & Amundson. They are an excellent call centre provider and their team is exceptional. Thanks for this opportunity to share our Front Line Business Professionalism success story with you.

PS: One more benefit I almost forgot to include. When we first started using Amundson & Amundson in February 2003 one of our staff was a full time customer service manager. This person left our firm in 2004 and we found we didn’t need to hire a new customer service manager because Amundson & Amundson were providing such an outstanding service that incorporated the tasks and skills required for this first level of customer service support role”.

Bill, Whangarei

“Before I began using your services over 50% of people who contacted me put the phone down when my answer phone kicked in. My business grew by 30% as soon as I started using Amundson and Amundson. I now capture all enquiries. The service is very affordable compared to the increase in new business I have gained by having my phone professionally answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am making at least $1,000 or more a month in new profits from using your services. I have increased the number of clients I have and improved the professional image of my business. I highly recommend the services of Amundson & Amundson because they are super easy to do business with and take the time to personalise their service to how you operate. They have a very stable team of people who work with them and this means your business is always well looked after. They have a high level of professionalism and will grow your business.”

Graham, Bay of Islands

“What I like about using the 24 Hours Personalised Answers services of Amundson & Amundson is that it works out to be less than 10% of the cost of hiring a full time person to do the same things in our business. So we have saved a huge amount of money in our business by using your services. The value is apparent straight away. Customers know they are being looked after and messages get to the right person which saves double handling. One of the benefits from our end is a decreased work load and not having to sweat the small stuff. We have far less stress by having the highly trained people at Amundson & Amundson professionally handling all incoming phone calls. We know that no matter what we are doing, every phone call will get personally and professionally answered by skilled people who understand our business. Using your service allows calls to be screened as Amundson & Amundson understand what is high priority. This means we are able to apply our resources more effectively.”

Wayne, Manawatu

“The services of Amundson & Amundson are very affordable compared to the increase in new business we have gained by having our phones professionally answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have used Amundson & Amundson for about 2-3 months and have noticed we are getting more prospective clients through call outs. Amundson & Amundson have given us some wonderful ideas on how to make our business more profitable and productive without us having to work any harder. In fact we are getting better results with less effort! I like the freedom of leaving the office unattended and knowing the phones will be answered. I also like the way all afterhours calls are answered personally and put to the correct person on call. Our clients love that they can talk to a real live person and not an answer phone or voice mail. I can safely leave my phone off in the confidence our calls will be answered.”

Gary, Christchurch

“We have more free time now that we have outsourced the handling of incoming phone calls to Amundson & Amundson. This allows us to give our customers better service and we also have more leisure time to spend with our friends and family. With Amundson & Amundson we have a reliable system that is always available. We can provide a professional service to our clients even in the middle of the night. This service allows our team to have freedom during on call duties. I like that we are not tied into a long term contract and have the freedom to cancel your service with five days notice at any time. We love this flexibility. Your service means we capture every call when we are busy with critical work. Your service is easy to use and the feedback you give us is very good. (Faxed phone reports daily.) I highly recommend Amundson & Amundson because they have highly trained and very professional staff that treat our clients and staff really well.
They take the time to personalise their service to suit your business. The result is you enable my team to concentrate on what they do best. This reduces pressure on my people and makes for a happier team.”

Vanessa , Sydney

“What I like about using Amundson & Amundson is that our overflow calls are able to be answered without the client realising they have not reached our office directly. And our afterhours calls can be directed to the appropriate person. Texting of messages makes it far easier for our reps to respond because the info is already noted in the text. I highly recommend Amundson & Amundson because they answer the phone 24 hours a day and they promptly pass on our messages.”

Cathy, Melbourne

“The most important benefit I’ve received from using the services of Amundson & Amundson is the ability to have someone answer our technical support calls 24/7. Our clients love the fact that they can talk to a real live person and not an answer phone or voice mail. Amundson & Amundson are super easy to do business with and I know have professional reliable staff answering the phone using my company name. I have a huge amount of freedom in how I use your service. I can use it full time to handle overload and so on. I like the way you took the time to fully understand our business and make sure our personalised answer service reflected the image we wanted to portray to clients. Using your services means gives our callers a professionally answered call everytime. And you also capture every call after hours.”

Neil, Auckland

“I like the services of Amundson & Amundson because we have the peace of mind knowing that calls are answered. I like the simplicity of your operation and the accuracy of your information. Using your services gives our callers a professionally answered call everytime. You have the ability to deal with the sensitivity required for our clients. Along with the ability to make decisions on what is important and what is not important when deciding how enquiries should be dealt with. I recommend your services highly because of your professionalism, your customer focus and you listen to our needs.”

Michelle, Auckland

The most important benefit I’ve received from using the services of Amundson & Amundson is MORE TIME! As your staff can answer the basic questions some callers have I do not need to phone everyone back. It is helpful that clients can phone over the weekend when we are closed to ask about open hours. Rather than turning up and we are not open. This makes for happier clients. I like that potential clients get to talk to a ‘real person’ not an answering machine. Details like open hours and cell numbers can be passed onto callers by your staff. This is more professional than an answer phone. I highly recommend the Amundson & Amundson to other business people because the staff are professional. If you are in a meeting with clients you can rest assured that other clients who are phoning are being looked after rather than being ignored. If you don’t find the services of Amundson & Amundson suiting your business needs you can cancel at anytime. Though I doubt you would need to!”

Richard, Wellington

‘What I like about using Amundson & Amundson is that every phone call gets a real person who can help them. This means we don’t have to answer the phone ourselves if we are busy with customers. Probably 10% of incoming calls are during our opening and closing time. So using your services means we relieve the pressure on our staff. I highly recommend your services because of your polite trained staff and good communications.