A & A are a very friendly and approachable team of people. When small business owners ask me to tell them about a service which has helped our business improve productivity 10 fold, I always say that contracting A & A to provide Front Line Business Professionalism for our business, was one of the best and most cost effective decisions that I have ever made. The benefits were instant. All calls are answered immediately, consistently and so professionally. Our staff can now plan not only their own work but also when they phone people back. Our team consciously choose to attend to calls according to Steven Covey’s 4 quadrants – Important and Urgent, Important and Not Urgent, etc. I have received so much good feedback about A & A’s service, including one of our long term packaging suppliers who visited our offices month after month trying to work out where the great receptionist sat! I highly recommend Amundson & Amundson. They are an excellent call centre provider and their team is exceptional. Thanks for this opportunity to share our Front Line Business Professionalism success story with you.

PS: One more benefit I almost forgot to include. When we first started using Amundson & Amundson in February 2003 one of our staff was a full time customer service manager. This person left our firm in 2004 and we found we didn’t need to hire a new customer service manager because Amundson & Amundson were providing such an outstanding service that incorporated the tasks and skills required for this first level of customer service support role”.

Liz, Auckland