“We have more free time now that we have outsourced the handling of incoming phone calls to Amundson & Amundson. This allows us to give our customers better service and we also have more leisure time to spend with our friends and family. With Amundson & Amundson we have a reliable system that is always available. We can provide a professional service to our clients even in the middle of the night. This service allows our team to have freedom during on call duties. I like that we are not tied into a long term contract and have the freedom to cancel your service with five days notice at any time. We love this flexibility. Your service means we capture every call when we are busy with critical work. Your service is easy to use and the feedback you give us is very good. (Faxed phone reports daily.) I highly recommend Amundson & Amundson because they have highly trained and very professional staff that treat our clients and staff really well.
They take the time to personalise their service to suit your business. The result is you enable my team to concentrate on what they do best. This reduces pressure on my people and makes for a happier team.”

Gary, Christchurch